How to Optimize the Customer Experience in E-Commerce Through FAQ Automation

Did you know that the first chatbot was invented in the 1960s? Back then, however, you could only dream of using it on a daily basis in customer service. The prototype ELIZA was only able to simulate superficial conversations based on a structured database.

A great deal has changed since then. The intelligent bots have earned a solid position in today’s organizations. It is estimated that 80% of all entrepreneurs will be using chatbots by the end of 2020.

Chatbots are one of the megatrends of 2020 in e-commerce, and customer service in particular is a promising use case for this intelligent technology. Chatbots can answer 3080% of your customers’ standard inquiries and thus help to optimize the customer experience.

What you will learn in this blog post:

  • Why using chatbots to automate frequently asked questions (FAQs) is particularly worthwhile
  • How customer service in e-commerce benefits from FAQ automation
  • The advantages your customers get from FAQ automation



Chatbot Usage for FAQs: How to Improve Your Customer Service

Where is my package? How can I access old invoices? It is well known that many of your customers’ questions are similar and therefore need to be answered again and again by your customer service.

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In the past, it was common practice to compile common questions on a static FAQ page, where customers could search for answers themselves. Nowadays, however, chatbots are increasingly being used for FAQs. This way, you can solve the customer’s problem in a dynamic conversation.

What’s the reason for the widespread popularity of chatbots? The FAQ bots not only make it easier for customers to find the right answers; they also bring enormous benefits for customer service in e-commerce:


Comparatively quick and easy implementation

Programming a chatbot for FAQs is a form of automation that requires relatively little effort. For this purpose, the content of your FAQ page is transferred to a database, which the chatbot later uses for its answers. In addition, personalized greetings and expressions are created for conversations with customers.

This way, you guarantee helpful support and brand-compliant communication from the very first interaction with the customer. What’s more, setting up an intelligent bot is straightforward. For this reason, it represents the ideal introduction to using artificial intelligence in customer service.


Attractive cost savings thanks to higher service quality

Your chatbot will handle a large part of the standard questions asked by your customers. This has two main benefits:

First, the service quality is enhanced because your service staff can now devote more time to complex customer inquiries. Second, you reduce staffing costs because your service team can now handle more inquiries in less time without having to hire new employees.


Significant improvement of the customer experience

Fast, competent problem-solving, easier navigation of the website and round-the-clock availability ensure greater customer satisfaction. In the following section, you will learn the five benefits your customers will reap from FAQ automation.



Customer Experience: 5 Advantages of FAQ Automation for Your Customers

Automating FAQs is an investment that benefits both companies and customers in the form of an optimized customer experience. Customers will appreciate your FAQ bot for the following reasons:


1.    Easier navigation of the website

Prolonged guessing and searching for a certain piece of information on a website wastes time and is incredibly frustrating. Your customers can now say goodbye to all that. The chatbot makes life so much easier, especially for customers who find it difficult to navigate their way around a website.

Users can now enter their question into the chat in their own words and without having to beat about the bush. The FAQ bot responds to the inquiry and directs the customer to the right place on the website or, if necessary, to a human employee.


2.     Answers that are always correct and helpful

Your chatbot always has access to a comprehensive database, which can be updated with a few clicks and is continuously expanded thanks to the learning capabilities of the AI. This way, your customers can rely on clear and up-to-date answers.

With the help of the FAQ bot, you can also find out more about what information your customers need, since gaps in your list of questions are quickly revealed. If the chatbot cannot answer a question, a ticket is created which is later processed by a service employee. If a particular question has to be repeatedly forwarded to service agents, you can add this FAQ to your database.


3.     Rapid problem solving

The majority of people (66%) state that the key to a good online customer experience is a company that appreciates their time. Your chatbot also offers decisive advantages in this regard. It enables your customer to solve their problem directly in a conversation without having to wait a long time for a response.

Even if your FAQ bot is not able to resolve a customer’s inquiry, they can still expect their ticket to be processed more much efficiently. Why? Because your FAQ bot reduces the general ticket volume for your agents. This means they can now focus more on requests that require their full attention.


4.    Uninterrupted accessibility

42% of consumers prefer live chat as opposed to other support channels. No wonder, because the chatbot guarantees friendly support at any time or the day or night, as well as on weekends and holidays. 64% of internet users also say that the 24-hour availability of chatbots is their best feature.


5.     Increased interaction

“Can I help you?” In contrast to stationary trade, e-commerce is often said to lack interaction with customers during the purchasing process. Your chatbot gives you the opportunity to approach your customers in a more proactive manner.

When customers visit a website, a small pop-up window informs them that they can contact the support team via the chat feature at any time. This is the first step. If a problem arises, your customer can conveniently respond in the chat without having to pick up the phone or send an email.

Last but not least, the FAQ bot makes it easier for your customer to give direct feedback. Your customers will feel that they are being noticed more and you will discover where there is still room for optimization.

In times of great uncertainty, such as the coronavirus crisis, competent customer care and round-the-clock availability are the key to ensuring satisfied customers. You should react quickly to customers’ questions about coronavirus if you want to prevent uncertainty.

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