3 Ways to Get Maximum Value From Your Customer Service Data

“This call is recorded for training and monitoring purposes” is a phrase with which many customers are familiar from their calls to service hotlines. For call centers and customer service organizations, recordings like this serve as valuable data. In addition to telephone calls, other sources of information also provide helpful insights into the potential for optimization in customer service – provided the company knows how to evaluate the data.

It is possible to derive the full benefit of your customer service data by using artificial intelligence. Thanks to intelligent analytical capabilities, companies can efficiently evaluate the knowledge contained in the data and thus improve service quality and customer experience. However, before they can make full use of the data, there are a number of hurdles to overcome.

This blog post answers the following questions:

  • Where and how is artificial intelligence used with regard to customer service data?
  • Which three things should companies consider to ensure they use data effectively?
  • How exactly do organizations and customers benefit from data analysis using AI?


How to Use AI for Data Analysis in Customer Service

Data obtained with the consent of customers is a crucial asset for businesses today. In particular, telephone conversations, emails and chat logs from customer service reveal a lot about what your customers want. What are the underlying reasons for service requests? What are the customers’ problems? Which needs are not yet being addressed?

Given the ever-increasing amount of data and complex information, innovative technology is needed to make this wealth of data usable. Artificial intelligence helps companies to manage their data intelligently. The ability to analyze speech and text enables companies to analyze enormous amounts of data from multiple channels and derive useful recommendations that then lead to an enhanced customer experience.

Think your company can survive without intelligent data analysis? Your customers are of a different opinion. A study conducted by Accenture reveals that consumers across the globe already expect to share personal information in exchange for an excellent, personalized service experience – and that willingness is growing, despite increasing awareness of privacy issues.

Data analysis using artificial intelligence allows you to understand and optimize your service from the customer’s perspective. This change of perspective is not just something that today’s customers welcome; they demand it.



Utilizing the Full Potential of Your Data: What to Consider

Creating real added value from existing data – that’s what artificial intelligence promises. However, only high-quality data can achieve first-class results for your customer service. In order to effectively take advantage of your customer service data, you should consider these three critical requirements:


1. Data usability

The available customer service data forms the basis of your AI system. After all, AI can only function successfully if it is supplied with high-quality data. Many companies underestimate how crucial the quality of the data is for achieving the desired results.

Customer service managers should therefore work with their IT department and a data protection officer to find out what information the company has and which areas of the organization it affects. It is only then that they can ensure the data is used for the intended purpose.

In addition, you should also check how usable the data is. Have the data records been adequately maintained? Is it necessary to enrich the data? How reliable is the information? AI can only work with a minimal error rate if you provide it with a qualitative database.


2. Data volume

Alongside data quality, the volume of data is also crucial to the success of your AI project. To be able to provide valuable recommended actions and forecasts, your AI must learn step by step. Just as people can make informed decisions when they have a greater wealth of experience, the algorithm also benefits from the largest possible compilation of data.

For this reason, make sure that you have sufficient training datasets available so that your AI can constantly improve and optimize results. The more data you add to AI, the greater the expected accuracy and speed.


3. Time frames

You have excellent quality data records in plentiful supply. Now, your AI just needs to be trained. Based on the data, the AI learns to recognize complex rules and make better and better decisions. However, one last requirement is necessary for this learning process: time.

Keep in mind that it can take up to three months from implementing your AI to achieving the first tangible results. This time period is again determined by the quality and quantity of the available data; the better the datasets, the more time efficient the training can be.


Your Advantages: How to Benefit From Data Analysis Using AI

Does the investment into AI-driven analysis of your data pay off in customer service? Absolutely! Artificial intelligence generates unexpected insights into customer needs. In short, it provides you with exactly the information you need to take your customer service to the next level.


1.     Recognize optimization potential

In order to optimize your service, the first step is to identify the potential for improvement. With AI, you have an intelligent technology that not only allows you to collect enormous amounts of data in a short period of time, but also does so carefully and in an objective manner.

For example, use AI to evaluate the concerns of your customers and thereby discover their explicit and implicit wishes. Identify trends at an early stage and react to possible problems in a timely manner. As a further step, AI can even help you to translate the insights gained into recommended measures, which your customer service staff can then use to continuously boost the quality of service.


2.     Increase personalization

Tailor-made offers and personalized communication is becoming increasingly important for your customers. Use AI-driven data analysis to deepen your understanding of your customers and identify their individual needs. This way, you can offer your customers personalized communication, bespoke product recommendations and more relevant content. What is otherwise only possible at a great cost becomes scalable thanks to AI.


3.     Predict customer behavior

Be one step ahead of your customers. Artificial intelligence helps you to improve the service experience by providing the basis for predicting their behavior. This way, you can provide your customers with helpful information before they contact you with their problem. Alternatively, you can identify patterns in dialog behavior and proactively contact your customers with the right message.

The analysis capabilities of artificial intelligence allow your company to tap into enormous amounts of data and use it to enhance the customer experience. AI technology in customer service is not intended to replace human employees. Rather, its value lies in helping your call center and service teams to better anticipate customer needs and deliver excellent service quality.

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