Logistics: Strengthen Customer Loyalty in Your Company in Just 3 Steps

Would you agree with the following statement? The success of a logistics company stands and falls with the quality of its customer service.

No? Then you’re probably thinking of other departments that need to function seamlessly in order to keep a company in the logistics industry running successfully: efficient warehouse management, optimally organized route plans or fast deliveries, to name a few.

But what happens if something goes wrong: when a delivery is delayed or even sent to the wrong address? Who takes care of customers who have urgent questions about the status or delivery time of an order?


No Customer Loyalty Without Excellent Customer Service

All types of inquiries, complaints and claims end up in one place: your customer service. How quickly and competently your service staff deal with these problems and questions can improve the image of your company and even compensate for shortcomings. Or not. 

If the service quality in your company leaves something to be desired, this has a negative impact on customer loyalty, as well as on the chances of acquiring new customers. Why so? An unsatisfied customer will not only choose another provider next time; they will also let other consumers know about their disappointing experience with your company on public platforms. 

Poor customer service and the subsequent low customer satisfaction is a luxury that you cannot afford in an increasingly competitive logistics market. Excellent customer service aimed at increasing customer satisfaction and ultimately strengthening customer loyalty is a must.

What you will learn in this blog post:

  • Which three factors in your customer service are necessary to effectively retain customers
  • How you can minimize costs while simultaneously enhancing the quality of your customer service
  • The ways in which artificial intelligence can help you improve your service


How to Increase Customer Loyalty in Your Logistics Company

Providing unbeatable customer service does not happen overnight. However, it’s perfectly possible to organize your service in such a way that convinces your customers and binds them to your company in the long term. We recommend focussing on the following three important aspects to ensure strong customer loyalty:



1. Identify customer requirements

Digitalization enables increasingly authentic, relevant and personalised customer service – and your customers are demanding it. In a study, 50% of consumers said that their expectations of customer service are higher today than they were two years ago. 41% of respondents also stated that they have terminated a business relationship with a company in the last 12 months because they felt their service requirements were not met.

→ The first step to better service and higher customer satisfaction is to focus on your customers’ expectations and take their wishes seriously.


2. Provide fast service at all times

How quickly you respond to your customers is crucial to successfully retaining your customers. This is because today’s customers do not like to be kept waiting.

As many as 66% of people in a Forrester study believe that the most important thing a company can do is value their time. 89% of respondents said they typically expect to receive a response from customer service within 24 hours.

→ Nowadays, good service means having a service team that is available at all times, offers quick solutions to problems and does not keep its customers waiting long for answers.


3. Communicate on all channels

Count up how many options you now have for contacting a friend: email, telephone, SMS, messenger apps like WhatsApp, social networks like Facebook and Twitter – these are just some examples.

The convenience offered by this wide range of communication channels will not pass your customers by. According to the Zendesk Report 2020, half of all consumers across the globe want to contact businesses on the channels they use to communicate with friends and family.

→ Your customers are used to communicating on multiple channels – make this possible in your customer service too!


Does a High Service Level Necesitate High Costs?

The competitive pressure in the logistics industry is mounting. At the same time, it’s becoming increasingly important to invest in innovations in order to compete with new players such as start-ups on the market. However, if you want to remain competitive, you also have to cut costs. So how can logistics providers reconcile all these things: meeting customer demands, driving business innovation while simultaneously acting in a cost-effective manner?

Solution: Optimize the processes in your contact center using artificial intelligence. AI solutions are used wherever errors can be avoided and time and resources saved. The result is efficient and powerful processes in your customer service.

After the initial implementation phase, your AI system will quickly allow you to benefit from worthwhile savings and enhanced quality. To be more precise, the innovative AI technology strengthens customer loyalty by generating the following added value:

  • Helpful insights into customer expectations through intelligent data analysis of customer behavior and the evaluation of explicitly or implicitly expressed wishes.
  • Shorter response times and reduced processing times with the same number of employees in the contact center, as the AI handles a large proportion of the standard inquiries.
  • Availability at any time of day or night, with voicebots, email bots or chatbots available for your customers around the clock. 
  • Contact across all channels through omnichannel solutions that enable seamless, cross-channel communication.


These advantages sound tempting, but would you like to talk to an expert about how to implement this in your own company? Get in touch! We would be happy to show the optimization potential and functionality of parlamind’s omnichannel solution.


parlamind is a Berlin-based start-up for Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service. The parlamind AI understands incoming messages from customers on a semantic level and thus determining intents, specific content and the mood of the customer in the message. Equipped with these skills, the AI ​​engages in customer dialogue independently and quickly carries out the associated processes. Latest research results from the fields of computational linguistics and machine learning form the basis for the continuous further development of parlamind AI technology. parlamind has been part of the 4TechnologyGroup since July 2018. The 4TechnologyGroup is an association of technology companies from the communications and AI sector. Today companies worldwide in the industries of e-commerce, information and communication technology, energy management, logistics and financial services use parlamind’s AI solutions. More than 20 employees work continuously on the further development and marketing of this unique technology “Made in Germany”.


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