5 Use Cases for AI in Customer Service and How It Benefits Your Logistics Company

Ordered today – delivered tomorrow. What was the exception just a few years ago is almost standard practice today. Due to the ever-increasing popularity of e-commerce, customers’ demands on the logistics industry have intensified.

However, the challenge is not only to deliver goods quickly and on time, but also to establish an individual customer journey with the aim of fostering long-term customer loyalty.

What does this mean in concrete terms? Leading logistics companies focus their customer service on the following aspects:


  • Engage in personal conversations with individual customers to get to know them and meet their expectations
  • Monitor customer satisfaction in order to intervene if necessary
  • Identify, analyze and resolve critical problem areas in the customer journey
  • Provide customers with tailor-made offers as part of personalized marketing

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It quickly becomes clear that these demanding and time-consuming tasks cannot simply be handled by another employee in your contact center. Investment is required in this area.

However, in order to remain competitive, you need to keep an eye not only on your logistics company’s innovative capabilities, but also on its expenses. So how can you secure these competitive advantages in a cost-efficient manner?

In short, by focussing on solutions with artificial intelligence. Nothing improves the quality of your services and thereby customer satisfaction as efficiently as AI technology.

In this blog post, you will find out where AI can optimize the processes in your customer service and what concrete advantages are generated as a result.


1. Manage Customer Inquiries Across All Channels

Customers use the full range of possible communication tools, and they rarely remain consistent. An email in the evening is often followed by a phone call or chat message the next morning. Who is supposed to keep an overview? Your artificial intelligence!

Omnichannel solutions enable contact to be established across all channels and subsequently guarantee coherent, cross-channel communication.

How it works: The intelligent technology recognizes the originator or the context of a message or call, analyzes the database and automatically matches the current inquiry with previous ones. This way, all the necessary information is available to ensure an accurate, case-closing response.

The benefits for you: Seamless communication is a crucial part of a positive customer experience. If your customer service department is fully informed about the current status of communication in a particular case, it can inspire customers with appropriate information and proactive offers. As a result, your customers feel important and unique to your company.

An additional benefit: You avoid loss of information in your service team, as every inquiry is neatly catalogued and stored in an easy-to-find location.


2. Identify and Correctly Assign Topics in Customer Inquiries

A customer uses the chat function on your homepage. Do you leave it to chance regarding which service employee should handle the inquiry? Absolutely not, as this could be a frustrating experience for the customer. Artificial intelligence determines the subject of the customer’s inquiry and assigns it to the best available contact person.

How it works: Your AI is trained to reliably recognize the contact reason within an inquiry based on certain keywords and sentence structures while also determining the mood of the customer. This analysis enables the system to make a decision about who can best help the customer and how highly the inquiry should be prioritized.

The benefits for you: You can ensure that messages from your customers are registered and processed immediately. After all, smooth customer service directly contributes to improving the overall performance of your business by avoiding delays in the ordering and delivery process. You will also see an increase in your profits.


3. Automatic Answering of Standard Inquiries

Some inquiries mention problems that your customer service should address immediately, e.g. to avoid major damage. However, by far the largest share of daily tickets are what we call standard inquiries:


  • How can I change my delivery address?
  • When will my order arrive?
  • Where can I find my invoice?


The answers to these questions are always the same and require little knowledge, but they do eat up a large amount of your employees’ precious time. For this reason, you should delegate the task of responding to standard questions to your AI.

How it works: If the intelligent software detects a simple standard inquiry, it does not even forward it to an employee. Instead, it independently formulates a response. If the AI is unsure, it submits a suggested answer to a human employee for verification. This employee can then close the ticket with just one click.

The benefits for you: Your service team is relieved of a large part of the ticket load and can concentrate on the especially relevant tasks. This minimizes response and processing times without having to increase the number of employees in the contact center. This way, you boost your service level in a cost-effective manner.



4. Answer Customer Inquiries Outside Business Hours

In an increasingly globalized world, traditional business hours are becoming a thing of the past. If an inquiry is received on Friday evening at 18:05, replying sometime on Monday is hardly acceptable. Your customers expect – and in many cases need – an immediate response.

How it works: Voicebots, email bots and chatbots do not need a break. They work at any time of the day or night and can respond to customers immediately. If they recognize a critical inquiry, it can be forwarded to a human operator who is ready to deal with it.

The benefits for you: A human customer service that is available 24/7 costs a lot of money. By contrast, an AI solution is the more cost-efficient alternative.

With round-the-clock service, you meet your customers’ expectations and remain competitive in the digital world. At the same time, you can go home with the assurance that important inquiries will be dealt with outside business hours.


5. Data Analysis of Customer Behavior

The basis for your organization’s success is satisfied customers. As a direct point of contact with them, your contact center plays a pivotal role as a key source of information.

The AI not only provides your company with day-to-day business services; it also helps you strategically by allowing you to get to know your customers even better and to continuously optimize your customer journey.

How it works: The algorithm analyzes data from customer service interactions and identifies patterns in customer behavior. This way, artificial intelligence can supply helpful information when it comes to answering the following questions:


  • What do customers explicitly want?
  • What implicit desires can be identified in their behavior?
  • Where are there frequent problems and complaints?
  • What is superfluous?
  • What convinces our customers?


You can then use the knowledge you gain to make helpful recommendations for action and thus effectively optimize the service in your contact center.

The benefits for you: You gather valuable insights into customer expectations, but also discover where problem areas lie within your company. This provides a solid basis for making important strategic decisions.

Have we been able to convince you of the benefits of using artificial intelligence in the customer service of your logistics enterprise?

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parlamind is a Berlin-based start-up for Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service. The parlamind AI understands incoming messages from customers on a semantic level and thus determining intents, specific content and the mood of the customer in the message. Equipped with these skills, the AI ​​engages in customer dialogue independently and quickly carries out the associated processes. Latest research results from the fields of computational linguistics and machine learning form the basis for the continuous further development of parlamind AI technology. parlamind has been part of the 4TechnologyGroup since July 2018. The 4TechnologyGroup is an association of technology companies from the communications and AI sector. Today companies worldwide in the industries of e-commerce, information and communication technology, energy management, logistics and financial services use parlamind’s AI solutions. More than 20 employees work continuously on the further development and marketing of this unique technology “Made in Germany”.


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