Omni Channel Customer Engagement

Omni Channel Customer Engagement

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parlamind is an Omni Channel solution in customer service for e-mail, chat and telephone. Our technology analyses incoming communication using artificial intelligence methods, automatically assigns it to the right recipients and supports your service teams with dynamic recommendations for action and automated responses.

Besides concrete concerns, parlamind also recognises mood situations in the messages. Once knowledge has been learned, it’s available right away on all channels and the quality of communication is standardised and increased across all channels.


More Customer Satisfaction
with E-mail Automation

parlamind E-mail is the solution for automation in your e-mail channel. From the allocation of tickets to the right service team, the dynamic creation of suitable response suggestions to the automatic answering of inquiries – with parlamind E-mail you digitalise your customer service sustainably and get valuable real-time insights.


Smart Dialogue System for optimal Service Level

With parlamind Chat, you can connect with customers around the clock. The intelligent dialogue solution addresses customers in a personalised way, delivers instant answers and solves concerns already at the first contact, closing the case for an optimal customer experience. parlamind Chat gives your service teams continuous support and provides automated processes for more efficiency in your customer service.


Better Customer Dialogue with Voice Automation

parlamind Voice is the intelligent dialogue solution for customer requests on the telephone. Customer telephone support as natural as from person to person: Artificial Intelligence reliably classifies incoming communication in spoken words, understands a wide variety of enquiries and provides your customers with rapid support in clarifying their concerns.




Natural Language Processing

parlamind’s innovative technology enables natural text comprehension, allowing you to communicate more creatively.


Modular Design

The system design offers fast and flexible adjustments to your needs and business processes.


Machine Learning

With built-in Machine Learning, parlamind technology allows your dialogue system to improve day by day.


Conversation Design

parlamind’s Conversation Design Team gives your dialogue system personality and allows your company to impress.


Intelligent Dialogues

parlamind’s dialogue management is based on the newest research results for natural dialogue.



parlamind’s software recognises the entry language while automatically performing analysis for business transactions.

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