Lower cost.
Happier customers.

parlamind speeds up ticket resolution by precomposing suitable answers. No lengthy lookup of text bricks. No re-writing of what has been written a dozen times over. parlamind users see productivity increase up to 37%. Why wait? Request your demo now and be started in minutes after.

Life-changing 15 minutes.
Really! 🙂

Lower cost.

Increase productivity up to 37% in your Customer Service team.

Assist – parlamind’s Zendesk app – precomposes a suitable answer upon opening the ticket. Quick review, one click, and you are good to close the ticket.


More productivity

The precomposed answers help Customer Service pros and newbies alike to answer routine tickets faster.

You are in control

No worries, parlamind sticks to what it knows. Your staff validate and send the final message.

Faster reaction times

A productive team also responds faster. Don’t let your customers wait, wow them instead.

Self learning

parlamind is trained on millions of customer service conversations and has a deep understanding of over 200 different contact reasons. parlamind keeps learning and gets better day by day.
plug and play

Plug ‘n’ Play

Simply install the Zendesk app (more platforms will follow). Setup takes 2 minutes and your IT-department will have no work with it whatsoever.

Life-changing 15 minutes.
Really! 🙂

Available for:



Office 365


Happier customers.

parlamind brings you closer to your customers.

Analyse – parlamind’s free analytics tool – analyses incoming customer service messages, determines the reasons for contact and provides a real-time overview by frequency and sentiment. No more manual tagging and analysing.


More knowledge

Uncover optimization potential in your Customer Experience: parlamind Analyse gives a unique overview of your customers’ issues.
plug and play

Plug ‘n’ play

Signing up and setting up takes only 2 minutes and your IT-department will have no work with it whatsoever.

Higher customer satisfaction

Actually, complaints are great! They tell you exactly which processes to optimize for an increase in NPS and other ratings. parlamind helps you digest this valuable feedback.
Deutsche Datenschutz-Standards

Privacy and Security

parlamind works according to the German standards for privacy and data security – among the strictest worldwide.

Life-changing 15 minutes.
Really! 🙂 

That’s a great deal!

Enterprise technology at a startup price.

parlamind makes Artificial Intelligence available to SMEs: no investment needed. No lengthy projects. Your IT-department keeps developing the core business.


from 0$ per month*


Reasons for contact:
Digest the most relevant complaints and questions to optimise Customer Experience at the click of a button.

Find out about complaints that may be small in numbers but really bug customers to an extent that they become detractors.


from 15$ per Agent/month**


Precomposed answers:
Ready to use answers based on previous customer service conversations.

You will get all features of Analyse automatically without volume limitation.



 Individual pricing 


All industries:
We develop conversational systems for your industry and to your specifications.

Online retailers
with specific use cases:

When one size doesn’t fit all, we can have a look at your ideas and discuss possible solutions.

Contact us at:

* Limited volume:
up to 100 tickets/e-mails analysed daily,
unlimited ticket analysis will cost 5$ per month

** Annual payment interval,
20$ per agent per month at monthly interval

Life-changing 15 minutes!
Really 🙂