Clear facts,
not lengthy texts.

Shed some light on your customer service communication:
all of your customers’ issues are analyzed and turned
into structured and actionable data – say good bye to
the black box in customer service.

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The analytics tool that brings you closer to your customers.

Online retailers get a grip on customer experience with parlamind.

Knowing what your customers want is easy – they tell you straight up in writing. If only that information was structured instead of buried in the customer service inbox in thousands and thousands of e-mails.

parlamind gathers useful information from all past and incoming customer service e-mails, automatically reading the messages, then grouping and categorizing the content. In comparison to conventional ticket system tagging, parlamind is faster, more reliable, and allows for a much more differentiated view.

What’s in it for you:

  • Cost down: The optimization of your Customer Experience reduces questions and complaints in Customer Service.
  • Satisfaction up: A hassle-free experience increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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We’ve got something for you …

parlamind is full of useful features.

parlamind working for you 


Customer Issues: Learn about your most frequent topics and issues and start reducing incoming service contacts.

Sentiment: Pinpoint the issues that annoy your customers the most – and prevent bad reviews long before they are posted online.

Trend: Which issues are currently trending and which are becoming less important? parlamind will show you.

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        Coming soon:——–


  • Alerts for emerging problems
  • Anonymous Benchmarking with other retailers
  • Categorize your own issues and import products
  • Triage-free queueing
  • Automated answering of routine requests

We will offer these features and more for a moderate monhtly fee starting soon.

Special needs?


We offer custom solutions to large online retailers with specific needs and large organizations in other industries.

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A wealth of data at your fingertips.

parlamind works immediately without any installation hassles.

Only a few clicks link parlamind to your Zendesk or Gmail account and you are ready to go. Experience the quickest and most intuitive overview of your customer service communication.
Naturally, your customer service e-mails are in safe hands with hosting based in Germany and privacy according to German data protection standards. Servers and connections are encrypted.

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Here’s how.

It’s not magic, it’s artificial intelligence.

The parlamind team are working with the latest methods from the fields of computational linguistics and machine learninge.
No wonder that parlamind can effortlessly recognize many different facets of human language as well as identify issues and the intention behind it. You benefit by seeing this information in an intuitive graphical user interface. Discover your room for improvement!

Start completely free of charge: parlamind’s basic version gives you the essentials: a great value for free.
No installation hassles: All you need it your login credentials to your Customer Service inbox in Zendesk (recommended) or Gmail. Start with just a few clicks.rten.
See the forest for the trees: parlamind analyses your customer communication and shows your potential for optimizing Customer Experience.
See how much more parlamind can do for you: We are working on many more fascinating features that will make parlamind an invaluable member of your Customer Service team.

Your mailbox is full …

… of valuable information.

Market research is cumbersome, costly, and often misleading. Just listen to what your customers have to say! Your customers’ feedback is delivered directly to your inbox every day. parlamind’s unique translation of it allows you to continuously improve your customer experience.

parlamind provides:

More knowledge 

Whether you wish to identify room for improvement or track the impact of your activities, parlamind gives you an uniquely reliable overview of your customers’ issues.

Greater satisfaction

Be it complaints, questions, or suggestions, make the most of the opportunity to pinpoint the parts of your customer experience that would have the greatest impact on your standing on rating websites were they improved in all processes.

More time

Gone are the days of tedious message tagging. No more time-consuming manual analyses. With parlamind you have the reasons for contact and a great deal of contextual information available at the click of a button, retrospectively since the first e-mail.

Greater efficiency 

Customer feedback as a valuable resource: thanks to parlamind, you can directly influence those aspects of your customer experience that make up the bulk of messages in your customer service inbox – ultimately reducing the number of incoming messages.

Better data quality

parlamind is a professional: the software always operates on the basis of the same specifications, records issues reliably, and recognizes hundreds of typical e-commerce questions and issues.

“We can share the analyses easily across our team. This significantly improves
internal communication and helps us make Customer Experience changes very quickly.”
- Daniel Wordell, Head of Sales & Customer Relationship Management

“Sometimes a team member would poin out specific issues to me that seem to trend up.
Most of the time this was just a hunch and turned out to be insignificant.
With parlamind I can quickly gather data to verify”
- Christopher Wrociszewski, Founder & CEO

"parlamind saves a lot of work by visualising Customer Service issues in seconds."
- Sven Töpfer, Managing Director

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