The artificial intelligent
team member for your
Customer Service.

We believe that every company on this planet wants to deliver a great experience to their customers and that a fantastic Customer Service Team creates this experience.

parlamind gives your team more time for creating great experiences and more scalability. Your artificial mind answers routine questions autonomously and assists its human co-workers.

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Understanding is the basis for great communication.

parlamind understands incoming customer messages on a semantic level, therefore it can detect issues (intent), the emotional state (sentiment) and any meaningful information provided by the customer (entities).

This is made possible by making use of the latest research results in the fields of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

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Perfect replies. You are in control.

parlamind answers customers’ messages in seconds. You can choose which intents parlamind may answer to. parlamind also calculates a confidence score for every answer before sending it off to make sure the answer is the best possible.

All answers will be sent via your ticketing- or email-system and added to the original ticket. All the information will be there for parlamind’s human co-workers where it is needed.

The easiest and fastest way to make Artificial Intelligence work for you.

Most AI- and Chatbot-projects take months to be completed and require five-, six-, or seven-figure investments. Plus: You may end up getting less performance than expected.

Not here! parlamind’s onboarding takes only a few minutes. In less than a day you can evaluate if parlamind works for you. Our training projects for your own AI usually take a few days and you are good to go.

Let us show you how easy it is in a 15 minute live demo.

parlamind supports your team in more than just one way.

Relax and look forward to great time savings. parlamind will free up your team to deliver excellent experiences to your customers


Lower cost. Happier customers.

parlamind answers routine tickets automatically within seconds, 24/7. Invest the time savings in creating great experiences and you will see the miracle of lower costs and happier customers coming your way.


Humans can save time, too.

parlamind’s assistive app supercharges your agents’ workflow and supports closing tickets faster.


Any way you want it.

The parlamind API (Application Programming Interface) delivers your intents (e.g. complaints, questions, …), sentiment, named entities (e.g. names, product names, address info, …) to any application you want. Feed it into your data warehouse and become even smarter or use it to smart up your own application.

Supported ticketing systems

Your software is not yet supported? Drop us a line:

That’s a great deal!

Enterprise technology
at a startup price.

parlamind makes Artificial Intelligence available to SMEs: no investment needed. No lengthy projects. You will get results on day one.

Schedule a demo now.

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